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Monica Michelle

I have been so many things in my life. I have gotten very good at packing up who and what I use to be and starting over. Being chronically ill gives you odd and not always welcome super powers. Starting over is one of mine and soft skin and bones that reshape into Picasso sculptures. Thank you Ehlers Danlos.

This podcast came about when I needed a new purpose. I had to shut down the photography studio I built for 10 years . I also had people come up to me shaking with pent up rage as they pointed to me then to the disabled sign when I would park in the handicap zone.

I am creating this podcast with the very fond and optimistic hope that it will help.

Help build tribes and those me too moments.

Help others be kinder and more gentle with each other.

Help educate the public that there are some rather awful diseases and disorders that need attention and funding.

Help, on a very personal level, to get city planners to really consult with disabled wheelchair users. I promise you that many cities cross walks are X Games for me.

1. Thank you for being interested and listening to the podcast and reading the blog.

2. If you enjoy PLEASE share! To everyone. Friends, family, random humans who happen upon your path.

3. If you enjoy please leave glowing bordering embarrassing praise in I tunes.

4. If you do not like or are offended (I swear, a lot. It is almost a super power how many ways I can fit my favorite four letter word into a random conversation). Ignore me. Start your own thing. I promise it's not that I don't care about your opinions it is that I am too sick to take my energy away from making this project. So if you hate, dislike or are offended by me please go out in the world and make something you want to read or listen too.

All my best! Remember ,

Be Kind. Be Gentle. Be A Bad Ass.