Recomendation Weds

Watch: Joss Wheadon Much Ado About Nothing. Yes, Shakespeare nerd (also Buffy nerd) so no brainer. Black and white and one of my favorite plays. Enjoy watching the nepotism streaming free for Amazon members


For kids Kitt Kitredge American Girl. I break out in rashes with sachrine but this was very enjoyable and such a great movie for kids that won't make you itch. 


Read: Encyclopedia of the Exquisite By Jessica Kerwin Jenkins. Nope not high literature but is fun and one of the best things to read before bed. Dream of Marie Antoinette's ship of dreams hair style or castles created for crickets. This book has inspired a whole new blog section for me. 


Download: Steller. The absolute best things ever! If you are a business this is the best way to get your message out. If you are a family it is a wonderful way to document a family trip or make a book each week. I will include two types I make and oh yes while you are there don't forget to sign up and follow me.