Research Project {Lion Tamers}


I am so excited! I just finished my first round of research on lion tamers for my upcoming children's book. I am starting with 3 lion tamers and the research was really hard but VERY facinating. The women in particular two of whom never went into the cages armed. They believed in care instead of fear. I do think "They never found a dame like me" will stay in my head for a very long time. In researching I found amazing bravery. Not just walking into a cage full of lions but the courage to change your life's direction. None of the people I am featuring came from circus families. One had finished nursing school, one saw a wild animal show as a boy, and the other had been a ballerina. So my own steps in bravery from portrait photographer to children's author, illustrator, and children's history podcast seems a little less terrifying. A personal not to any family or friends reading this blog: if you call or come over please understand I am obessed right now I promise you will not find the dogs, cats, or chickens lined up in a circle doing tricks but I will absolutely talk your ear off on this subject. 

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Monica Michelle