Once upon a time a girl had been led to the forest by one most wicked. Her hand held the girl, she would always remember that. Her hand held. It had never been before. It was a darker shade of affection but still she clung to that even though the larger ones finger nails curled and bit the palm of her hand. A trail. One should always have a marker. The girl had never been told such cares and so her pockets were empty when the larger one slipped between the shadows. When the girl could only remember there had been a larger by the half moon scars on the inside of her palm. It was a woods deep and tall. It smelled like freedom and of the hunt. The girl turned in circles staring for the sun between the dappled shaded of the branches and leaves. She spun until she fell. Weak in small legs that never stretched far beyond the thigh bone. A small creature she was small enough to incite pity. Even without certainty of life no proof of breath the birds built their nest around the new foundling. They wove in briar rose thistles and down. Her home or her shroud there was no difference to them in the busy flittering work.

She slept as down pierced her skin, as her shoulder blades elongated. She awoke unflustered and fell into her soaring life. She could glide from tree tops and listen to secrets most foul in private unobserved quiet. Her life flitted in joys of bright skies and of darker shadowed flights beneath eagle and foxes gaze.

Love when it came came with a fierce free fall of her heart. A small sparrow of a boy with thing legs and shining furtive glances she followed him on his path until he noticed her and through a handful of crumbs. Her heart patterned against her breast bone. If she had a hand left she would touch for it and imagine his hand in hers.

Story and photo by Monica Michelle

Inspiration: This was just one of those moments where I had been reading to many fairytales. The first one came in my head and I just followed it down the rabbit hole. The picture was taken right outside the Louvre. A woman had been feeding the birds when a small one startled them.