#StellerDark a story of night photography and Mortality



Did you feel complete? Cross a finish line?Did you say I love you? Did you hear it from those you needed to? Did anyone get the point of you? Understand you? Your final message written on stone? Warbled by gathered loved ones? No, maybe not. Not sure are you? Haven't thought much about it yet. A little shell shocked still? Got distracted by all the white noise? What would you have done with an extra five minutes? Maybe a day, perhaps a decade? I could give it to you. I have. I am in no hurry. You will come back to me. I have time. Loads of it. You creatures always surprise me. So few of your kind take me up on my kindnesses. No, you say shuffling around, I'm tired you say. Or to the honest ones, too much pressure.

Story and photos by Monica Michelle