Rat Queen


I believe, I am almost certain, that I once heard about a kingdom that was over half a years walk if you went the quick way. The way of bleeding foot trail near the ocean of broken hearted mermaid's tears. More dangerous certain but it shaved a good eight months off the trek. This is why I have only heard of it you see. Why This is only told from one mouth to one ear to another. It was said that there was a queen who ruled there. Pretty yes to be sure though that matters less then one would think. Pretty enough to not be a burden and not pretty enough to become a curse. She was clever, cleverer then her husband smart enough to keep a wise woman only a whisper away but still in a tower high above the fashions of the court. Her hearts desires not of things one would think. She did get awful tired of scurrying up and down stairs for every decision or crumb of advice. She had need of portable counsel. Being that ruffs were of the fashion she took to wearing one especially high to the face. She became sure and cleverer than ever. Her husband receded as no one had a care for his opinions. They were much out of fashion. If she was not careful though and in the bright light one could see the sillouhetted shape of her wise woman's handiwork. As fashions go soon every woman in court and town wore their ruffs high to the cheeks and painted or so they said little creature's shadows of their own cleverly tucked deep in folds of lace. None were as clever as the Queen but then if they were and truly had their wits about them they would know to never be cleverer or quicker then a Queen and her long whiskered shadowed adviser.


Story and photo by Monica Michelle