It was curiosity that  led me down the rabbit hole

I fell head over hind

Breathless and nothing to grab

I landed bruised and black in your red world

Awkward in my own skin

Too large

Too small

To be yours

The landscape baffled

Rivulets to rivers, white hills topped with rubies

An enchanted forrest thick with fur and secrets

Fonts of life and only nervous erratic guides

Drink me, eat me

Invitations to run mad


Little Red



There was a woods once. I think. I remember small cottage with leaded glass and filtered light. Warm bread and smiles that bound. It was a different Forrest if soft animals with kind intent. I remember that forest even here where pine smells sharp as blood and the air dark with hunt and joy. Berries dark and red grow can make you sleep for a hundred years if you are not careful. Men hairier then beasts can make your blood pound faster then your steps. It is a different forest here on a path between homes. I will find warmth and safety when I arrive but not now. Not yet with the stain of berries on my lips and a still racing heart. 

Story and illustration by Monica Michelle


The Missing


I am missing from you, or you are missing from me. I could be missing from me and that is why I miss you. The blank space. Left from the iris. You always noticed when I was gone. 

I bear an unnatural dislike of light and the lark. It holds a cruelty in the way it slinks past casement and over your shoulder, rousing you from bed toward the cock that crows. 

Without mercy it floods past curtains highlighting every space of the room that you are missing from. 

For my part I wait in the corner and the shadow lifting blue and grays to my mouth and nose searching for your scent, your taste. Eyes watchful for the first sign of darkening, ears ready for the sound of your steps on the stair. Heart paused. Breath quick. I wait for the dark. 

Photo and story Monica Michelle

The Garden A children's story....sort of

The Garden A children's story....sort of

A new fairytale written and illustrated by Monica Michelle. I used a photo I had taken in Venice and put it through the app Brushstroke. I took that into ProCreate and painted a vector then placed the vector of the princess on the castle background. 

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Conjoined Twins circus novel



Two or one? Numbers are not as steady as you had thought. She turns you see another limb. You would swear her eyes were blue. Four breasts, two. Nothing is certain but your own confusion.

Story and photo Monica Michelle

Model ELISA valentine

Rose Red Lesser known fairytale


Love me you said with roses in your eyes and jewels spilling from your mouth. You spoke of everythings and forevers as if you knew them. Your hands were soft as they encircled my wrist.  Infinity you whisper lodging a pearl into my ear. There, does that not look better you ask leaving a ruby scar in my hand. I wished to tell you I could only hear half of what you said. Your earnest wished left me half deaf. I opened my mouth and a snake slithered forward to answer for me. Your surprise and disgust showered us in riches. The snake was company enough so I kept my mouth shut.