Travel Thursdays - Goodbye London, Hello Basel {Chronic Illness Blog}

Traveling the world with an Invisible Illness ain't easy. Follow the bouncing Kyros to see how one spoonie copes with food allergies, foot problems, airports, and lots and lots of walking! 

Day four of the two-week trip finds Kyros traveling from London to Basel, Switzerland, trying to find a non-erotic massage place, and dealing with mismatched expectations around what defines a "short walk".

Fitness Ideas for the Spoonie on Bed Rest {Chronic Illness Blog}

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I'm not always in bed but when I am I REFUSE to lose muscle structure. My EDS and POTS friends will understand that losing muscle is gaining a world of heart and dislocation issues. When your ligaments fall down on the job the muscles have to pick up the slack. WORD OF WARNING NOT a doctor (much to the eternal shame of my grandmother). Ask medical professional but if you are like me and fainting at the gym is costly and too embarrassing a way to gain YouTube views here are somethings you can do from home:

Chihuahua With Galaxy Headphones Illustration {Monica's Stuck in Bed Drawing}

You always know when I'm stuck in bed thanks to Ehlers Danlos you start seeing a bunch of cute baby animal illustrations. I swear Autodesk Sketchbook, my iPad, and my apple pencil I need to be reclassified as pain management tools. As some mother-daughter bonding, my baby was the one who chose all the typography. I think she has an eye for this. If you have to have this little chihuahua with galaxy headphones all for your own as a card, home decor, or the world's cutest wall art just click here. ORDER