you look great is not a challenge it is a compliment

A friend came over she very excitedly said this. You're walking you're getting around. I didn't even have the spoons to tell her about the 2 hours it took to get dressed rest put on make up rest. That I was counting down the minutes because my rib was dislocated. I felt this fear that she would see me as sick as worthless as worth less. Or that she would think my disability is not as serious as I had claimed.


Best Car For Wheelchair Users 2019

I am looking for a new car that fits my wheelchair, children, canes, and large dog with enough technology to save me if my disabled self can't drive well. What car will be under 40k have safety features and fit a wheelchair or and be comfy. 2019 Toyota Rav 4 Toyota Prius and 2019

Nissan Leaf