Depression and Optimism More Adventures In Chronic Illness and Parenting

My son calls me “relentlessly optimistic.” Trust me when I say this is not meant as a compliment. My cheerfulness can reach manic level. A hint the more I hurt the more I giggle. It is a reflex. A grasping way to make everyone around more comfortable. I’m not overwhelmingly proud of this. My optimism can at times be about survival but it also is a cliff I climb up out of depression. Sometimes I have a good hold other times it is a pinky nail.

I bring this up because I had a “me too” moment with another chronically ill mom. Super cheerful believes the best and then “I have depression.” Slips out. “Me too.” Comes right after. I realize as much of an open book that I am I don’t talk about my wrestling with depression and that not many people know or would even guess. There was that moment of looking at another woman’s face and knowing that we had a shared experience and very similar ways of coping with depression. 

I’m new to this. Do any of you deal with depression? Do you feel comfortable talking about it? Any coping skills you would like to share? Would you like to do a huge service and share your story?