Best TV Shows for Chronic Illness Marathons (Netflix that is)

My hip has decided it is mature, as in it is 80. My bed has decided I am one of its’ own. My pug has been overjoyed at her new roles of emotional support animal and therapist. She might snort but she can be paid in affection which I understand is generally frowned upon with real therapists. 


All this time in bed my TV viewing has gotten a bit out of hand. So put on the marathon clothing (pjs and overused Wonderwoman T-shirt ) these are my favorites on Netflix, did I miss any? Tweet comments @invisiblentbrk



The Crown

Sherlock (Except the last season that NEVER happened) 

Johnathon Strange & Mr. Norrell (Yes it’s a mini-series but everyone should watch it! If you're stuck for a long time READ the book it is stunning! ) 

The Magicians

Miss Fishers  

The Great British Baking

Star Trek Original (Since the country decided our rights are going back to 1960 this show has SO many things to say, and yes I can make a Netflix list political). 

Arrow (To be fair I have no idea if this is good I was mesmerized by abs. I watch 5 episodes and I still can’t tell you what this is about but I was very entertained). 

Gilmore Girls (Old seasons. My daughter and I are obsessed) 

Land Girls (Because we have been kicking ass for a long time). 

Charmed (ANYTHING that supports Ms. Rose McGowen tweet your love to THE leader of the resistance @rosemcgowan Her Book)

MadMen (No it was NOT the good old days) 

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce( It is brilliant, listen to my friend who adores it and one of my favorite people is in it) LINKS

Dear White People

OK this should get you through your next major flare up I’ll cover Amazon Prime next time. Tweet at me what I missed except Stranger Things I want to sleep again.