Best Podcasts to Listen to When Stuck in Bed With Chronic Pain

Distraction is everything when suffering from pain or I’ll argue suffering the biggest pain, boredom. There is only so much TV I can watch. Here are a few of my favorite podcasts to get me through the worst of the mean reds. (If you have not heard of the mean reds go watch Breakfast at TIffany's, or even better read the Truman Capote book). 

1. Myths and Legends- Are there words to describe how much I love this podcast, no, but I will sure try. My favorite stories of myths and fairytales all told with the perfect level of snark. 

2. The Nerdist- Absolutely fantastic interviews that are conversations more than interviews. I have loved this one for years. You get an entirely new understanding of each of Chris Hardwick's guests.

3. Tim Ferris Show-  I don’t always listen but I do whenever I feel stuck and need a shot of adrenaline and yes you can do this. 

4. What’s the T- I love drag queens I adore RuPaul and Michelle Visage. The interviews are amazing and they have wonderful guests. This one almost always makes my list when I would climb the walls (if I wouldn’t dislocate most of my limbs).

5. Sickboy- Here’s one for my favorite competing podcast on sick people and they even swear more than I do! These guys are hilarious and always leave me wanting more...and a single-payer healthcare system they have in their country Canada. 

There you have it my top 5 keep my relatively sane when bedridden podcasts. Did I miss any amazing, fantastic, entertaining podcasts? Quick hint a favorite on everyone’s playlist should be Invisible Not Broken. How was that for subtle? Tweet out any of your favorite podcasts and tag us @invisiblenotbrkn #invisiblenotbroken