My Guru Is A Mouth Breather

I got our pug under much guilt and duress for my son. I was not excited about getting a “dog” that was roughly the same size as a hamster on Predisone. I should have known better, that this little Ewok on uppers would not not grab my heart but teach me how to accept the changing landscape of Ehlers Danlos, Fibromyalgia, POTS, and MCA. 

She was given over to me the day she turned 8 weeks. She had never been away from her family and her she was curling up in my hands yawning with her surprising piranha mouth and going to sleep. She met this new world and reality with an absolute sense of relaxed happiness. She just knew it was going to be different but ok. Now perhaps this could speak to her IQ. We have never claimed she is brilliant only that she is happy.  

I like to think about it this way, there was nothing she could do about her circumstances. She could not go back to living with her mother and her siblings things had changed and she could not alter that. She was going to a new place with new people and other animals. She could have met that with shaking fear instead since there was nothing she could do she met it with her unique butt wiggle that bends her in half. 

Am I projecting, yes. Am I alone to much with my pets to think these things? Yes, and on that note please invite me out before I start a cult around a pug. All true but I take my lessons where I can find them and this lesson comes from a mouth breathing, slightly perverted, piranha mouthed, bug eyed, loveable pug.