Travel and other things I miss since getting sick.

The last time I was in Venice I pulled a piece of hair and dropped it in the water. It was my minor spell that I would come back or if I could not a part of me would still travel. My husband and I had a little more than a week in Italy. I was using a cane and I paid attention to every bridge and possibility of future travel in a wheelchair (tweet at me any of your ideas for travel while disabled @invisiblenotbrk )

I don't mean to sound maudlin but I haven't been out of my house in four days. A hip dislocation (yay Ehlers Danlos) got out of hand. The big excitement this week was being able to walk to the kitchen. That does not sound like a big deal until you wait until someone comes home for food. So you might forgive me for starting to get a little stir crazy and a little worried that I won't travel

Thank you for reading. I will try for happier posts in the future but for right now I am going to indulge in a little temper tantrum and self-pity.