Spoonie Mom learns humility....again {A Chronic Illness Podcast}

Learning how to ask for help is a difficult art one I keep revisiting. I tend to get dangerously cocky when I’ve had a good day or when stuff has to get done a good hour. That’s the mythology, isn’t it? Mind over matter? As if I could will my bones to stay put with enough grit and a good attitude. 

So the perfect storm, my son needs to get an MRI an hour away

my dad is in the hospital and it’s the holidays so friends are out of town and somehow most of my bones are where they should be. Due to the complete chaos theory of Ehlers Danlos, I don’t drive further than my local town and during the day but hey this is important. 

Fortunately, my husband is not an idiot or as optimistic as I am and had scheduled my saint of a brother in law to take us. This ended up being a 5 hour exodus. skipping to the point, while waiting for my son my entire femur did an exit stage right. Lesson painfully learned. Chronic illness is not mind over matter and when someone lends a hand take it.