It Was A Rough Day {Ehlers Danlos and Fairy Illustrations Chronic Illness Blog}


When I saw rough I mean my left arm separated from my shoulder. Thanks to Ehlers Danlos this is a thing that happens with very little fanfare.

Here I have pictures! I’ll put them at the bottom just in case you only stopped by to look at the pretty artwork and feel that looking at bones placed in inappropriate places are not fun to see. I was told the picture I took of my misplaced shoulder was very artistic but that was from my mom. 

When all else fails and I do mean my entire pharmacy the only pain management tools left to me are drawing. I think this one might make it into my Fairies of Versailles book. At least this one. 


This goth Marie Antoinette illustration one I might need to put in my grownup fairytale book. 


If you want to buy the more grownup gothic Marie Antoinette for a wall or the ultimate conversation tote bag click here. 


And as promised for those of you who watch medical mysteries for fun or those of you missing Halloween decorations here is my photo of my Ehlers Danlos shoulder that ran away from home.