Time Magazine #metoo

Holy shit did anyone else see the Time cover?

Anyone tear up over the anonymous elbow? The elbow of those who couldn’t come forward. Let that hang there for a moment. Not just Hollywood but every girl and boy who did not have the power to have a voice.

So why am I writing about this on an invisible illness blog? Look around your office and classroom one out of eight have been assaulted. Is there a brand or tattoo? Nope. You would not know unless told the baggage that is held.

Teachers, would you know why a student won’t take you up on your offer to tutor before or after class? If you were my math teacher in seventh grade it was because I had been sexually assaulted that Summer at Christian camp by a counselor and was having panic attacks when alone in a room with a man. People might have reasons other than laziness. 

Invisible Not Broken is about asking people to take a minute before judging. Not everyone wears scars on the outside. Remember the elbow and the empty chair not everyone can or is able to talk. Hold space be kind and be gentle.