Notes on Grieving

Invisible Not Broken might go through some changes as infant as it is. I always wanted this to be a forum for people going through shit. Shit that's not always visible. I wanted people to take a minute to realize everyone's start point isn't in the same space.  

So I'm talking about grieving. Buckle up because you might see a lot of this kind of post. I also hope to ad an interview soon. 

My uncle is dying. It is not always a good thing in my family to advertise sad, bad, mad, or anything that might make you look like the wounded gazelle (warning this is my feelings only for anyone who is related to me screaming at their computer, just my perceptions). I am feeling VERY wounded gazelle. One of the best men I have ever known inexplicably grew a brain tumor.  

I am too sick to drive to see him. My mother is close and needs to be up there so when she goes I need to stay here to make sure my father is ok, fed, and cared for. But I am loosing one of the last people who just accepted who I am, weirdo, living out loud, never able to keep a thought inside, and all.  

I am learning today that wine might not be the best thing. 

Making comments on Facebook posts are making me feel less lonely. 

Talking about it is making me feel VERY lonely. 

That I am really great at coming up with entire conversations in my head that will never happen. 

So until next week  

Be so very kind. Never forget to be gentle. And stand with the iron spine everything has given you and be a damn badass.