Taylor Swift Invisible Illness and Bodily Autonomy

I wrote this months ago and somehow never hit publish. I think this is a good time to publish it. Taylor Swift's answering of questions gave so many of us a new script when talking about abuse, a way to navigate complicated waters and remain in control of the dialog.

Taylor Swift Thank you


I am a 40 year old disabled woman. I have a deeply complicated relationship with my body. It has been misbehaving since I was a child so I speak of it in third person. It is an it. It has very little to do with me. We have a bit of a volatile partnership my body and I from it misbehaving to others misbehaving with it. Neither my body or the others were given consent for their interfearance.


I try not to give the others much thought these days. I focus more on trying to get my misbehaving body to do at least the basics demanded of it. I have not given other people’s actions towards this body much thought…until Taylor Swift.


She was very much in my peripheral vision being a child of the 90’s I was more into what my exes have termed PMS rock. She was a little saccharine. I did love her first song since it was the only song my then infant would quiet to but I had not given her much thought until I read her transcript at the trial.


Please read it. It was everything I forgot I needed to hear about my own experiences. The ones I was told did not happen the way I remembered, were not that big of a deal, or that I should defiantly be over by now…I mean do you really want to rock that boat?


Yup, maybe, I am not sure. What I do know is if I would like to rock the boat I have a very good script on how to.