The Spoonie Escaped: Christmas Tree Farm Rancho Siempre Verde in Pescadero

It was one of those magical days that you know you will pay for but can’t bring yourself to care about that. I had the ENTIRE family teen included. I wont post any pictures of him, I promised but it was the day I daydream about. Great music loud enough to drown out the backseat, windows open, bite in the air, and highway 1. We even stopped off in Pescadero for my favorite coffee (Downtown Local) and a quick sprint to Harley Farms and Pescadero State Beach for a super healthy picnic of Doritos and soda before running off to Rancho Siempre Verde. 

This place has been a family tradition for year and the best place for dog watching. If you are in the area grab some food and head down. Trees are gorgeous, rope swings are daring, and hammocks are lovely. Word to the wise for my disabled people. There are things you can do in a wheelchair. The campfire is fantastic and there are marshmallows to roast. All of the trails are dirt and the hill is steep. Make sure you have an assist or a strong person with you.