A Spoonie Holiday. What Are You Grateful For?

it's December the end of the year so it's a really good time for me to write this post on things that I'm very grateful for. I talked before about my illnesses but if you just need a quick list I have mast cell activation disorder, ehlers-danlos syndrome, pots, and fibromyalgia. I've had friends told me that my life must be unbearable which having these host of illnesses might seem like it would be hard to find something to be grateful for. I just had a massive setback in my physical therapy due to Mass dislocations on over for joints so instead of moving forward with the muldowney method I am back to doing light exercises in bed.

I am mad I am frustrated but I am also grateful and here is why I have more time to sit and think and curl up with my pug which brings me to the first thing I'm grateful for the pug. all of us who have animals and chronic illness know there's a certain amount of guilt but the friendship and companionship and when it comes to my pug the ridiculous level of silliness can really make a bad day better. 

In in the light of the Facebook's scandles this is a hard one to write.but I am grateful for social media that it does allow me to produce things that you can see and hear like my podcasts and my books. it is also given me amazing friends that I can talk to you I would never have met and also groups like the other stainless group where I can get advice and talk to people.

I I could not do this list without saying I am so grateful to my family I have a wonderful husband and two incredible kids that make life wonderful and amazing even when things are very difficult. I have a mother who very kindly still drives me around to all of my appointments and is wonderful company. My father is still one of my favorite humans and reminds me that the life inside the mind is just as important as the life we lead. 

So so what are you grateful for comment below and share with friends and family.