Best Kid IOS Apps for the Chronic Mom {A Chronic Illness Blog}

No, you don't have to be stuck in bed to use these but when you are you will be so happy you have these kid apps on your IPad. Yesterday I had a dislocated hip and these were sanity saving.

Our favorites are

Toontastic 3D: My daughter was making her own animations in 5 minutes and did 5 movies yesterday. She is so excited since she was able to voice the characters, make them move, and save the films. If you have more than one at home have them make each other videos or one together.

Procreate: Yes, this is the worst name for an app but it is the best art app out there. It is what I use to illustrate for my children's book. For kids, they can use anything from watercolor to spraypaint in any color that exists. Bonus, when they are finished they can export a video of their creation being made.

Weirdwood: One of the best app books. This kept mine busy for hours.

Lets Create Pottery: Adults can lose themselves in this and so will your little. 

ColorTherapy: My co-host and my daughter will spend hours on this one.

Hopscotch: LEarn to code from an IPad

RBDigital: This one works with your library and is free with a library card. EVERY magazine for kids I could think of including back issues right here, for free! I know the reviews are bad on this one and it might be the ugliest UI on the planet but it is free. If you want pretty and are ok with paying try Texture

Hawking: To be fair I'm more obsessed than my daughter but wow gorgeous fun science app.


Minecraft: Not sure if my husband or my daughter are more addicted. He often builds things in Minecraft as a surprise for her. It's really cute how excited she gets.

That's what has kept us going the last few weeks. Do you have any favorite apps? Comment below or tweet @invisiblenotbrk