Travel Tuesdays - And On The Third Day I Rested {Chronic Illness Blog}

Kyros accompanied his husband on a work trip to England, Sweden, Switzerland, and India over the course of two weeks. He and Monica thought it would be a good opportunity to blog about traveling with an Invisible Illness. For those of you who don’t already know, Kyros particular Invisible Illnesses are peripheral neuropathy in both feet, a torn meniscus in my left knee that has refused to heal correctly, and somewhere in-between severe lactose-intolerance and a medium dairy allergy. So this is his story...

If you missed previous installments of this series, go here to catch up before reading this.

Day 3 - 1/23/18 - London

Today was a rest day. I didn’t leave the room except to find something to eat and do a small bit of shopping. Between international travel screwing with my sleep patterns and still dealing with pain from forgetting my compression socks, I decided to take the day to recuperate and get acclimated. When I went out to get lunch, I stopped by the British equivalent of REI and bought a nice, thick pair of warm socks, I didn't find any compression socks, though so I am hoping that I can pick up another pair at Heathrow airport when we go through tomorrow. Thankfully, all of the flights in the next few days are short 1-2 hour trips. So if I don't find them in London, I’ll have a few more chances before the incredibly long flight to Mumbai on Sunday.

We have to get up at 4 am to make our early morning flight out of London, so we went to bed right after dinner tonight. It made for a very short day, but I felt much better for having rested today. I cannot stress enough, when you are traveling with an invisible illness or disability, do not forget to schedule in rest days. I know you want to see everything and time is limited, but trust me, you will be much happier and enjoy the things you do see if you pace yourself and plan down days to rest and recuperate. 

Distance walked = 0.68 mile