Fitness Ideas for the Spoonie on Bed Rest {Chronic Illness Blog}

I'm not always in bed but when I am I REFUSE to lose muscle structure. My EDS and POTS friends will understand that losing muscle is gaining a world of heart and dislocation issues. When your ligaments fall down on the job the muscles have to pick up the slack. WORD OF WARNING NOT a doctor (much to the eternal shame of my grandmother). Ask medical professional but if you are like me and fainting at the gym is costly and too embarrassing a way to gain YouTube views here are somethings you can do from home:

  1. Keep an exercise band by the bed. By looping it at the arches of your feet you can approximate a decent row machine for cardio and for arm strength. 
  2. Keep low weights on nightstand table. I do punches in intervals of burn and ok that hurt at commercial breaks or when my apple watch buzzes to see if I'm still alive.
  3. Peleton app. I use this with a heavy eyebrow raise when they tell me to go faster or up the resistance as in that's cute but so not going to happen. I do work WAY harder than when I do it by myself. This is a spin class at home for around $12 a month that I use with my pedals.The upside? NOT fainting at my gym. 

So what is your favorite way to keep fit when you are falling apart and are stuck in bed? If you're looking for more inspiration click here for Invisible Not Broken Pinterest board. Oh, don't sue me. All of this should be run past your PT and/or Doctor.

As always Be Kind. Be Gentle. Be a Badass. Oh and share us with a friend!