Travel Tuesdays - ABBA, Vikings, and One Night Stands {Chronic Illness Blog}

Kyros accompanied his husband on a work trip to England, Sweden, Switzerland, and India over the course of two weeks. He and Monica thought it would be a good opportunity to blog about traveling with an Invisible Illness. For those of you who don’t already know, Kyros particular Invisible Illnesses are peripheral neuropathy in both feet, a torn meniscus in my left knee that has refused to heal correctly, and somewhere in-between severe lactose-intolerance and a medium dairy allergy. So this is his story...

If you missed previous installments of this series, go here to catch up before reading this.

Day 7 - 1/27/18 - Stockholm / London

Another one night stay. These are getting really old, really fast.

Today got off to a slow start. We overslept then hurried to get out of the room before checkout at noon. The extra sleep was great, but I hate feeling rushed. It stresses me out way more than it should. I always seem to forget things or make mistakes when I am rushed.

After dropping our bags at the front desk, we ventured out into Stockholm. I wanted to see the ABBA museum. It was a very cool experience, but there wasn’t anyplace to sit once we got inside. The museum had several interactive experiences that were quite fun, but the lack of seating meant that my feet and knee were hurting pretty severely before I got even halfway through the exhibit. By the time we left, I had started to limp. My husband wanted to take a quick walk along the waterfront before catching a taxi back to the hotel. Honestly, that was the last thing I wanted to do at that point, but I knew it meant a lot to him, so I off we went.  Even though it hurt like hell, I'm glad we did because we ran across the Swedish Viking Museum, Vikingaliv. I’ve always had an interest in Vikings. I would have loved to actually explore the museum, but I knew I didn't have the time or the energy for that right then. So I satisfied myself with some cool books and souvenirs from their gift shop.

From there, we caught a cab back to our hotel, retrieved our bags, and took the train to the airport. We navigated the airport's maze of hallways until we finally ended up at our gate. For the second time this trip, my hands were shaking by the time I got on the plane. Prior to this trip, that had never happened before. I was more than a little concerned about this new development.

The flight from Stockholm to London was mostly empty so I was able to spread out and put my feet up for part of the trip. However, getting from the plane to the terminal was a nightmare. We exited the plane via the jetway, proceeded down a set of what appeared to be maintenance stairs, out onto the tarmac. From there we were loaded onto a crowded bus, with no available seats. I had to stand for the entire trip to the terminal. This wouldn't have been as bad if the trip hadn't been so turbulent. There were lots of bumps, fast stops, and a u-turn that nearly dumped me on my ass. By the time we finally got through passport control and picked up our bags, I was limping fairly severely, again. A quick (thankfully seated) bus ride later deposited us at our hotel. After we got checked in and up to our room, my husband took one look at how pitiful I must have looked and took pity on me. Rather than make me walk back downstairs in search of food, he ordered room service so I could relax and put my feet up.

Tomorrow is going to be a very long day from hell. We fly out of London in the early morning hours, have a brief one and a half hour layover in Frankfort, before boarding an eight-hour flight to Mumbai.

Distance walked = 3.41 miles