Stuck In Bed Too? Write Along With Monica {Chronic Illness Blog}

Here’s how this goes, this is the first paragraph you can either write from here what happens next or write to describe one of the events. Special points if you know who the old man is Kyros no fair answering that one.


Writing Prompt

Secret concerts and art fairs

and theatre performances hidden

unless you have the right password.

If given to the old man sitting

on the edge of the bench reading a paper and

occasionally scattering bird seed for the pigeons

you will blink three times and what was an ordinary

open lot near the town square

will open within itself into a circus, an art gallery,

a filled to capacity music festival,

or fairy shopping mart.

Even more disturbing the old man.

The one who a minute ago was folding in on his age is still old

yes, but he is circling in on himself to protect his belly.

The pigeon are vultures and what he throws at them

should really remain between him and the vultures.

“Don’t miss the bonfire.” The man whispers.

“For my sake never miss the bonfire.”


Just kidding no rules but can’t wait to see what you all make!