A Fall and Drawing as a Pain Killer: Chronic Illness Blog


Ok it's been a week of vengefulness from the chronic illness gods.

  1. Slipped in WholeFoods parking lot. Ok I'm not gluten-free or vegan so maybe I had it coming. It wasn't even a proper fall more of a slip but enough to wiggle my femur out. Anyone remember this story from the last time when I had to walk downstairs and ended up in bed for 2 weeks?
  2. Started to feel like maybe I could get to the door in my room...goals right? My left leg gave out and I went tumbling. So far my 3 day in bed. But not by myself. Nothing so gloriously racy, no I am sharing my sheets and hours of free time with a coughing pug who somehow without contact with any other dogs caught, kennel cough.

Since I am stuck with just myself, my IPad, and a germ factory for a pug I thought I would work on the fairy warrior for the next book. Here is the undersketch