California Is Green But Not All is Rainbows: Medical Marijuana and Taxes

I am SOOOOO all for medical and recreational marijuana here is what I am not here for the taxes levied on those most financially marginalized. If you have listened to me before you know this is an inconvenience for me it makes medications impossible for many, many who are too sick to work or are unable to handle the extreme cost of their medicine.

Even I am unable to afford the marijuana I use (I use a tincture because I cannot smoke or vape due to rib dislocations when I cough). To use this at the rate I would need to significantly decrease my opioid use I would be spending $70-120 a week. No insurance help, and due to Medicaid no HSA help.

The example cited in The Mother Jones article A Quick Guide To Lega Pot in California cites the revenues lost in Washington who chose not to heavily tax medical marijuana. I wonder how much Washington has saved due to the decrease of opioid deaths and complications? Most states have experienced up to a 30% decrease in opioid deaths that have legalized marijuana. Also hey when are we as a country going to ask more of our corporations and politicians? Why should the tax burden fall so heavily upon patients? Is there ANY other medication taxed at