A Rant For Technology A Disability Perspective : An invisible Illness Blog


Let’s have some fun and watch Monica jump on a self-righteous soapbox. I just had a discussion with a group of moms about “the good old days.” The first way to make me go into scarlet levels of rage. Do you know who “the good old days” were good for? Not many and certainly not people who were disabled or suffering from my favorite word: hysteria. I’m going to glide over most of that in an uncharacteristic want to stay a bit on topic and just have a look at the very particular sliver of “the good old days” the other moms were talking about. A mail time when we all lived in a rosy golden light of communication, family dinners, and board games in front of the fireplace. 

Getting a little Norman Rockwell for you? Here are some things to think about before screaming how technology is the ruination of us all

1. Not communicating anymore? Are you kidding? That is most of what we are doing on technology. For anyone stuck at home thanks to chronic illness this can be the ONLY communication from and too our little worlds. For anyone with anxiety and depression at 2AM guess how you can find someone to talk to? Support groups, friends, and even therapists. 

2. But before all the big bad tech companies people use to actually go out. NOT ALL PEOPLE. Again my physical world can be small but with an eye to the future I might be able to “travel” again. Those who are too sick can get an education from technology. There are now jobs that can be done at home. For those who go out technology has made it easier and safer to find things and places.

OK Maybe not upgraded scary Dr. Who Cyberman way.....

3. Kids are going brain dead staring at machines. OK history lesson from the beginning of time the generation coming up is ruined! Worst generation ever! Classical music would destroy them. Waltzing would led to fever of the brain. Radio would keep entire families around a box! How would they work? The good old days would be gone forever. Then comic books would be the end of moral youth! Rock and Roll would surely...wait... was that LONG hair on a man! Oh the vapors!

Ok, I went a little off but every new thing does change things. There is no denying that there will be massive social shifts but I am deeply confident in human nature. Every advancement we have made seems to bring more of us closer together. The internet is no different. It has created an equality that has never been seen before in human history. For every history nerd who mourned the loss of the Library of Alexandria, you have it! It’s in your pocket and you can make a face to face phone call to someone around the role with it. Something that would have been heralded as MAGIC only a few decades ago.  

So what I am saying is he longing to rid ourselves of tech is a very privileged stance. Many of us would not exist, walk, and god how I’m desperate for self-driving cars, get therapy, get answers from our health communities (in the US.  we can’t afford to go to a hospital to find out if it’s POTS or a heart attack), and for some of us tech is our school, work and social life. Ok done! Close scene temper tantrum/ rant is done and I popped my wrist out.