Morning Goals an Underachieving Body & Tea Lovers Word Art

Did I get enough key words in the title? I had soooo many plans for Sunday. There is a direwolf in need of a walk, a bug-eyed pug who wold like to annoy said direwolf on a walk, there are dishes, there is a messy floor, I believe the topography of my bedroom is due to the mountains of laundry, lets just say I had GOALS. Yup, my bones had other ideas. A tibia went one way, a shoulder went the other and my right foot bones went squirrel at a rave crazy. To avoid the guilt of depressed wolf and grumpy pug and to not have an eyeline on the house or I made some typography word art from Peter Pan everything I love, kidlit, adventure, and tea.

Would you like an  Adventure  Now Or shall we Have tea First? Peter Pan