Travel Tuesdays - Traffic, Tiny Ubers, and Shopping {Chronic Illness Blog}

Kyros accompanied his husband on a work trip to England, Sweden, Switzerland, and India over the course of two weeks. He and Monica thought it would be a good opportunity to blog about traveling with an Invisible Illness. For those of you who don’t already know, Kyros particular Invisible Illnesses are peripheral neuropathy in both feet, a torn meniscus in my left knee that has refused to heal correctly, and somewhere in-between severe lactose-intolerance and a medium dairy allergy. So this is his story...

If you missed previous installments of this series, go here to catch up before reading this.

Day 13 - 2/2/18 - Pune

Today is our last full day in India before a very long combination of car rides, flights, and layovers. Knowing that tomorrow is going to be difficult, I decided to spend today just doing a little last minute shopping and relaxing. 

This trip has been harder on me than any other I've ever taken. The string of one night in this city, one night in that city, combined with so much time spent traversing airports and train stations left me burned out and hurting by the time I got to India. I know from experience that tomorrow is going to be a very long, and very rough day for me physically, so I don't want to overextend myself and kick off the trip home in a bad state.

I went over to the mall next to our hotel early this morning to look at a statue that I want but am resisting buying. It's beautiful, but I can't justify the price or the cost of shipping it back home. 

After that, I swam laps and played around in the pool for a couple of hours. I don’t want to stress my feet or my knee out the day before travel but it's nice to get some exercise. 

After my husband got off work, we called an Uber to take us to the big Phoenix MarketCity Mall. Last year, I picked out some beautiful shirts for him at a store there. So this year he wanted to go with me to get some more. 

The trip to the mall was rough for me, surprisingly. The backseat of the Uber was very tight. Normally, this wouldn’t have been a huge problem as the trip to the mall only takes about twenty minutes. But because we were going after my husband got off work, we were attempting to get there during rush hour. The trip took over an hour. Just like when we drove down from Mumbai, I couldn't move my legs. By the time we got to the mall, my feet and knee were flaring up. I nearly fell when I got out of the car because it hurt so much. Things got better and I recovered a bit once I got moving, but I'm pretty sure I used more spoons on the cab ride over than I did walking around the mall! My husband got several shirts and I got a statue that I'd been searching for (a different one than the super expensive one I mentioned above), then we had dinner at a nice restaurant on the third floor of the mall. The ride back to our hotel was more comfortable, and because we were going against the rush hour traffic, much faster.

Distance walked = 2.85 miles