Weekend Plans vs. My Chronic Illness


I make weekend plans

Then listen

For my chronic illness

To begin cackling in

The background

My lovely cohost Kyros was being thoughtful as usual. It’s been about two weeks since we’d seen each other and he very correctly guessed that was about as long as it’s been since I’ve been out for non medical reasons for more than an hour. Would I like to go wine tasting this week? Why yes, in the same way my Shepard would like to go for a walk. Desperately. I would run back and forth and paw at a window if I could. The problem is what I want and my body’s Need to be modern sculpture are often locked in the most mismatched battle since my pug decided to go up against our Shepard. It’s cute and she gets her point made occasionally but the results are comically predictable. 

While Kyros was asking me about a trip I was sitting in my driveway. I managed to get home but my femur was basically writing a breakup letter to my hip Dear hip joint, though we have had many fun times I think it’s clear to us both we just don’t fit together anymore....have I mentioned the medication I’m on? This might be a good time. So here I am again a mind that wants out and a body that is more Netflix and chill....no not that kind of chill...did you not read the hip pop out? I literally mean put the bed to zero gravity and try not to breath too much chill. Anyway happy Saturday everyone.