The problem with good days

So today was a learning experience. Any other Spoonies out there get uncomfortable when you have a few good days in a row? I almost start questioning how sick I really am. So today was the end of a good run. In the weirdest way it was almost a relief.

Lesson? I am as sick as I seem, probably more, but I know how to be a sick person. I know what To do with my time.

When I have good days I tend to spin in circles trying to maximize all of it. I have been doing this long enough that I know not to do housework. I am fundamentally fortunate to have children and a husband who do most of the housework. I did a touch of gardening and did grocery shopping. I was watching the chickens and went to the farmers market. I even redid the mermaid illustration. I know that might not sound like a lot but just being able to get in the car drive somewhere and feel hopeful tat I will be able to run an errand and get home with out: fainting, falling, or dislocating was a rare thrill.