Ehlers Danlos My Disorder Makes Me A Disney Princess {Chronic Illness Blog}

I have decided my chronic illness makes me a fairytale princess,  cursed one but hey we can’t have everything.

  1. My husband is a Disney Prince. Not kidding. He can sing, cook and random wild animals will climb up into his packets for a wander. There was ZERO way I wasn’t marrying him.
  2. I can look fairly normal in the morning. By night I turn into a hideous well-intentioned piece of modern sculpture. Picasso and Dali could have collaborated on my skeleton.
  3. I fall into an enchanted sleep at ANYTIME. My heart can decide 40 bpm isn’t it’s jam and skip on up to 160 in seconds and back down again. Who needs drugs? For that matter who needs exercise?
  4. I have a magical beast and a goofy cohort. I have a Shepard who is certain he is on this earth to protect me from standing, other people, other people across the street, that particular squirrel who is obviously part of a crime syndicate, and yes more standing. He very retains if he can just lay his entire body over mine I will never have to stand again thus I will be safe. My cohort/dragon is a snorting, twerking, ball of flying fur and bodily fluids. Sounds gross? Try being within spraying distance of my pint-sized dragon/pug  I promise you I am understanding it.
  5. My potions collection along with the potions to counteract my potions side effects. Ursula only wishes she could ask as an evil of trades as the drug companies ask. Want to walk where the people are? No problem but you won't be able to use the bathroom for a week and vertigo isn’t a problem and eating really who wants that.                                                                

        Ok that’s it. The top five reasons why my Ehlers Danlos, Mast Cell, POTS, and Fibromyalgia makes me a real to life fairytale princess, next we will discuss being locked away alone in a tower...or the suburbs same thing.