Chronic Pain Ladders that YOU CAN CLIMB thanks Martina & Jen! Chronic Illness Blog

You know those days when you don't want to open your eyes? Not the usual Monday but the point when you just start to leave sleep and you crash back into a body that even before flopping out of bed has somehow managed to run a marathon, partied til 4 am, and got hit by a bus all without you. Yes, so it was one of those mornings. I hadn't even started to take stock of what joint had run away and which could be coaxed home when one of our past interviewees (who is now a wonderful friend and partner in art) texted. Listen here for her interview. I had not had coffee so I can guess I sent her an I'm dying meme when she asked how I was doing.

Ok so here's where she brought some serious Monday revelations and introduced me to a new favorite zebra and YouTuber Simon and Martina. Martina also has EDS and had some brilliant advice for handling chronic pain. Now I usually laugh off most advice (I am snarky and shades of evil when I'm in pain) but this really helped. You step on the ladder. Metaphorically, trust me no one wants to see the EPIC fail of me on a ladder. The idea is you assign something like getting out of bed for the first rung maybe brushing teeth for the second. I liked the idea of bribery for the third like coffee or getting to my garden.

So what are your first 3 ladder rungs my fellow spoonies? Comment below. Trust me I need the ideas.

If you are new my conditions are Ehlers Danlos Typ3 +, Fibromyalgia, and POTS