Bedtime Story Book Signing :An Invisible Illness Blog

So many of you all know I write and illustrate children's books and Snuggle Bunny is my first! It was a song I use to sing to my daughter when she was a baby and it became a very special book that I illustrated. 

So a few months ago I was supposed to do a book signing at my local bookstore Books on B and like many things that I plan my body had a temper tantrum. I got laid up in bed for weeks with a runaway femur. Well, I am tempting fate once again and will be doing a book signing on June 23 at Books on B at 10:30 AM.

I even got a canvas of Snuggle Bunny as a giveaway for the 20 Snuggle Bunny book sold at the signing.

I am so excited and I hope to see all of my bay area friends and listeners!

If you are far away and cannot make the event....