Slytherin Inspired Photoshoot Piedmont Fine Art Photographer


Did you all know before I started a podcast I was a photographer? For 10 years I ran my photography studio but I started professionally shooting when I was 17. That is a long time to be head over heels for an art form. My last photoshoot I ripped the ligaments in my left arm so I put my little Sony A7 away. For the last few years, my camera was my phone and my creative side went into my illustrations and writing.

Cut to today. A wonderful friend and brilliant photographer Mike Lloyd set up a photoshoot with an amazing model Michelle (see it's kismet). We went to Chapel of the Chimes and did what ended up a VERY dark Slytherin inspired photo shoot that really upped the goth quota for Hogwarts. I mean the literally have a library labyrinth of the dead. I mean how did we not end up running into Neil Gaiman in a place like this?

I'll keep adding and posting as I edit this very special shoot. I should have plenty of time since I popped one rib, one wrist, a shoulder, and a hip. I regret NOTHING...well at least while the painkillers are working. If you are new to this blog and are wondering how a person can fall apart using a 1 lbs camera here is my chronic illness resume: Ehlers Danlos Type 3 +, Fibromyalgia, and POTS.