EHLERS DANLOS 1 Me 0 and I’m ok with it: What To Do When Chronic Pain Kicks Your Spoonie Tail

Ok, I’m not ok with it. I’m barely holding a veneer of ok on so this blog is an exercise in gratitude. Here is what was possible for me today when my pain scale didn’t drop below 8 with my mid-level opiate medication.

1. I did get up to my chickens and fed them. They in turn were highly unimpressed with the worm to food ratio and are on an egg strike. 

2. I made coffee. Not just plain regular coffee but cinnamon and fresh grounds. 

3. A wonderful friend (you might remember her episode Gaslighting) came over to tell me about her new business! I can’t wait to share this with you all I couldn’t be prouder of her. Extra bonus making friends by interviewing people ! 

4. I watched a great TED Talk (Mel Robbins) on how you have 5 seconds after a thought to act on it. Fast forward to pedaling and finishing 4 pages on the history of the circus book for my other podcast I Can’t Believe That Happened. 

5. Curled up with my daughter and watched FaceOff. I mean I watched while she laughed at YouTube videos. At least it was shared space. 

6. Writing this blog post. 

So there you have it. A day when I had 4 hours out of bed and distracting pain. Even though Pain won I was not able to do ANYTHING that was on the to-do list by modifying the list the day didn’t feel like the deep dark. 

How do you readjust your day when chronic pain knocks you on your tail?