Chronic Pain Ladder Adjustment {Chronic Illness Blog}

Ok, so I hope you watched the first video in the series of thank you, Jen, for the new pain management and life adjustment and Simon and Martina for the wonderful new idea of the ladder when managing chronic pain. Now with each new idea, one must learn to adjust. No one is better at adjusting plans than someone with chronic illness. 

I got my first few rungs out of bed and shiny teeth. I even got up to the garden to collect some Pinterest ideas and draw. Had a wonderfully entertaining chat with my son and then nausea. OK having your stomach go on its' own Dancing With the Stars Audition is bad enough but when you add in Ehlers Danlos oh the fun begins. You know that heaving thing well that popped both ribs on opposite sides (yay symmetry!) OK the healthy snack rung is out. But hey I can work on the children's history book (if you're curious this is my other podcast and the book is a kid's book for the history of the circus), but then the tibia and a femur that started rolling. 

FINE bed it is I can get some illustrations done. Ha! The body wins again as my right arm dramatically falls out of socket.

Long story short I readjusted my rungs. I attended a writer's conference on YA fantasy world-building (Youtube your favorite authors + panel the best and cheapest writer's conference ever) and curled up with my little. FAVORITE Comic Con writer's episode.

Self-care is adjusting.

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