What’s your favorite distraction from Chronic Pain? A Chronic Illness Blog

What’s your favorite distraction?

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I am a big fan of art. I use Procreate, worst app name ever and the BEST art app. I have tried them all so you don’t have to.. When I stop drawing you know something is up. I know Kyros is a big fan of coloring. I also discovered Libby. It is a library app where you can check out library books digitally and they return themselves. No more late fines! I also have an amazing excuse to research for my other podcast I Can’t Believe That Happened (podcast for kids and curious adults about history). Today I am researching Annie Oakley. Next I am researching Faberge eggs for the YA fantasy novel I’m writing and might as well put it into the podcast.

Speak of podcasts I have two new favorites: Fictional and LaVar Burton Reads.

Does this sound ridiculously busy? Yes, and it’s not just ADD. If I don’t stay in a whirlwind I will feel every dislocation. The pain does not go away and pain killers only get me part of the way there. Distraction is my ultimate weapon.

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