My Ehlers Danlos & POTS Have Conspired to Make My Day A Spoonie Rollar Coaster

Life is unpredictable and nothing will make that clearer than having a chronic illness.

Having Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and POTS adds a special something to the curse May you Live In Interesting Times.

This morning I was supposed to go to the Scottish Games with some dear friends. I have been looking forward to this ALL week and even tried to rest to get some extra spoons. This NEVER works BTW. My spoons have a magic way of appearing and disappearing by magic. I also have many small critters in my life that throw the rest for events into chaos.

Case in point, resting and our lovely outdoor cat came home rushing through the house meowing at the top of his lungs. NOT something he ever does. 2k and a midnight emergency vet run later and he is happily hiding in my room.

So today started out chaotic trying to pick up cat before we were charged more, Getting dressed and ready for Scottish games, get kids ready, almost out the door with my wheelchair when I remembered the chickens hadn't been fed. So back up to the girls and then I was done. I mean asleep on the chair I keep up there just for these events. No Scottish Games.

Alright fine. I'll go to Rockridge Market Hall and Flower and the B and get the meat and veggies for the week. Using my sticks and my POTS goes into overdrive. I had managed to dislocate my rib and thumb getting out of the car. 



So back at home and after an afternoon of reading Lev Grossman's The Magicians and researching boarding schools to prepare for NaNoWriMo I decide I am well enough to make some pantry staples. I might have gotten a bit optimistic but we now have: sugar cookie dough in freezer, candied almond slivers in a rosemary sea salt glaze, butter pears marinating in a ginger rosemary simple syrup I made, and the marzipan I made was just getting to the end of its' lifespan so I rolled it out put the berry caramel I made ages ago on it layered pink opalescent apples and topped it with candied almonds and honey. Just as I finished my mom called asking if we wanted to come over for dinner later and now I already made dessert. Now I'm back in bed at zero gravity setting about to fall into a youtube rabbit hole.

So that is my day: I'm going to fall over and die nope I'm doing great nevermind this is the end.