Best Cars for Wheelchair Users 2019 A Chronic Illness Blog

Want to know what is more frustrating than car shopping? Disabled car shopping.

I have loved out Prius V or as my son calls it the over inflated golf cart, but its’ lease is at the end and I am looking for something new. 

Aside from my shopping list of: 

  • Really awesome MPG (POTS and getting out of car standing for a period of time and then driving, not so much. Oh and environment VERY my much and environment). Really want a Plug In

  • Speaking of plugs having a real honest plug in car to charge the wheelchair battery

  • Space for a child, husband, dire wolf, and spastic over enthusiastic super hamster (pug). 

  • Easy to get in and out of

  • Blindspot warning

  • Automatic breaking

  • As much automation as is legal in the US. BRING ON THE SELF DRIVING CARS!!!!! 

  • Easy interface with phone

  • and oh yay NEEDS TO FIT A WHEELCHAIR a Whill Ci

No we cannot afford a Tesla. 

So here are the contenders for Best Car for Wheelchair Users 2019

Mitsubishi Outlander PHVE

Subaru CrossTrek Hybrid

Prius Prime

Kia Kona

Used Ford CMAX Energi



Do you have any to add to the list of cars for wheelchair users? 

Tune in and subscribe on YouTube to not miss an episode. I’ll try to rope Kyros in on it for ultimate snark. May the powers that be have mercy on the car sales person! 

During this series I am going to test drive and show how easy it is to get in and out of the car and the ease of getting the Whill Ci wheelchair in and out.