Help me name my High Tech “Wheelchair” The End of Wheelchair Shopping for The Ehlers Danlos Spoonie

Right off the bat I want to be very clear this post and I am NOT sponsored by Whill. This is my own Ehlers Danlos Spoonie opinion and as you can expect it is a big opinion. 

So far I LOVE IT! 

Even with upper and lower body dislocations I was able to feed my pets and get coffee. My cleaning style can best be described as “There was a struggle here.” Yes, I stole that from Pinterest. Even with my clothes and dog toys in its’ way the Whill Ci cleared them all with no trouble or spilling my coffee. 

Some things to look forward to on the blog and YouTube channel will be shopping for the best car for a wheelchair user. Yes, if I must car shop I will make something out of it. 

Travel with a power chair. We are thinking of taking the Whill with us to Paris! 

Any other ideas?  


So I need your help as I start venturing out in the world (if you are my neighbors a BIG help would be not parking on the sidewalks=0).  

Help me think of a name for my new wheelchair. My friend has already taken Falcor which is the most awesome name ever for a mobility aide ( jen you know you are awesome). 

New name for my magic machine that can clear dog toys in a single roll,  

Comment below