after I finish my temper tantrum I will attempt to be a bad ass

It's 12:30  I have no ue if I will post this but so many of you send kind messages to me at this time when you are lonely and in pain. So my turn. It is 12:30 and every one in my house is asleep. I stayed up to wsit for my pain pills to work. 

Standard Ehlers Danlos day a dislocated tibia, rib, and left wrist. Then I got up. My right wrist popped out. 

We all make our bargains with the universe, God, the spaghetti monster whatever your jam is to get you through the deep dark we have all bargained with it.  

Aside from family health and happiness of all the body functions I was willing to let go with grace this was off the table. I am an illustrator.  

So it's 1 am and I have a busted paw and a brain that is spinning like a weasel on schedule 1 drugs. I am scared. I am severely pussed off. And for fucjs sake I am hurting in ways my pain killers can not begin to step up to.  

Is this post inspiring? Yes. I will inspire you all to know it is fucking OK to not be inspiring. It is fine to be terrified and you are absolutely not alone even in the early hours of the morning. 

Take care everyone. Be kind and very gentle with yourselves and after I finish my temper tantrum I will attempt to be a bad ass