First day back to routine out of bed

At no point in my life or when I was a child did I say I want to grow up to be a Gothic Victorian novel. I want to be the woman in the Attic the woman in the yellow wall-paper room I never said I wanted to be l removed from society.

But but here I am 4 weeks at a time in a back room waiting to see if my drinks will realign or if I will need to go to the hospital. That has been my last few weeks hardly able to get out of bed even to brush hair or teeth or do the basics. 

HavenHaven had a scary brush with losing blood flow to my foot to where it turns a beautiful shade of Smurf dusky blue. I was too worried to go to the hospital because I didn't think we could afford the bill. I was super lucky I was able to re-establish blood flow on my own but still it would have rather had a professional take a look at it. 

Today today I actually got the morning by myself for the first time in a long time I was able to listen to my favorite music sit in my wheelchair in front of my getting ready station and have my drag queen moment of putting on my makeup in front of my lighted mirror.