I Have Been Left Alone Too Long and Need to Be Resocialized. The Pug Asks Someone to Help

It is Saturday morning. My daughter have gone in her room to clean it 4 hours ago. No it is not clean. I can only imagine but no I don’t want to. I am curled up on the couch in a perfect example of adulting. By adulting I mean my favorite Spotify playlist, my favorite Tardis fuzzy pjs. (If you do not know what a TARDIS is please go immediately to Amazon Prime and Dr Who I will see you again in approxamitly 3 months. Three month you say? Like I would know. Why yes you uncultured pain I have gone through all of the nmodern Dr. Who’s more times then I can count so yes three months). I am on hour 3 of Pinterest mostly Dr. Who memes when the pug has decided my morning of peace and sci if can not be unless she is a part of things. This means every pin I am pinning she is licking my hand. So I am on the couch covered in Captain Crunch have given in to the pug and have been singing her ballads until she gave me the same look my teenagers give me and is now lying across the room by the fire judging me. This my friends is the true face of chronic illness😂