To pounce or not to pounce on person on the ground: A Cat's Dilemma


This is my view as I’m in the floor doing my physical therapy. She seems to be deciding what would be the most amount of mischief she can cause…to pounce or not to pounce…that is the eternal question.

A Spoonies Guide to Surviving NaNoWriMo

Here’s my take away for the spoonie trying NaNoWriMo. Be super kind to yourself. Yes, 50,00 words is crazy just to type out let alone make them into something cohesive like a novel. Just the typing has been murderous on my Ehlers Danlos wrists.

You may want to try voice to text. Many have said it is excellent. I spend more time fixing random word switches but hey worth a try. Some favorite voice to text apps are are Dragon and Google docs.

Decide on your own goal. As far as I can tell there are no NaNoWriMo police officers that will burst through your door if you don’t win. (BTW winning is just writing the 50,000 words. Did not know that before)

Be only as social as you want. Yes, there are write in but if others make you twitch or if you physically must do all from bed go ahead be you.

Bribe yourself. I do cookie dough but that might be why I only write in my oversize TARDIS sweats. Yes, my husband is a very lucky man.

Use the forums. People are so nice and helpful and you can help too. Yes, you…helpful spoonie. I KNOW it’s super exciting.

Write something you can and want to get obsessed with.

Pinterest is very much your friend. Create a board for your story and you can capture your inspiration and characters. This is the board for my YA Fantasy book, Lady Constantine’s School for Maudlin and Mischievous Young Ladies.

If you have brain fog I promise you Scrivner is your best friend. Planning stories and writing out of order all possible. Not a sponsor I just love it.

It is NEVER too late. Start in the middle start anytime. You wrote! Something that did not exist before now does Yay you! Let’s be honest here we’re sick when else do you have control of how everything turns out unless it’s your plot in your book.

What are the ways you survive NaNoWriMo?

Ok a rough for plot for my nanowrimo attempt

The Library is Hungry

There is a school for girls that are just too much. They simply Cannot conform to being well behaved young ladies, which is just what Lady Constantine requires for her boarding school. Even though the school remembers (and has a few bookstand one Librarian) from the Library of Alexandria the teachers have been informed that this class will be different. These girls will not be learning theory of magic, they are magic.and why not in 1905 the age of wonders. Now the only real question is what happened to the girls from the other grades and what is in the library and why do people visit and not come out?

friend me on NaNoWriMo cabagges+kings

Me 1 Ehlers Danlos 0 living with chronic pain: ways to adjust your social life for chronic illness

Me 1 Ehlers Danlos 0 living with chronic pain: ways to adjust your social life for chronic illness

Me 1 Ehlers Danlos 0 a good with chronic pain: ways to adjust your social life for chronic illness. A gift of chronic illness is the people who stay are for real. These are some alterations I made to make sure I still have a social life even with chronic pain and Ehlers Danlos. Also my backyard chicken and pug. The 31 day journaling for chronic illness is and the book I am obsessing on is Tim Ferris Tools Of Titans.

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Write a Terrifying Story for Halloween Writing Prompt for the Inspired Spoonie

It’s almost NaNoWrimo (if you are doing NaNoWriMo friend me I need all the accountability I can muster! I am Cabagges+kings) and getting close to Halloween.

Some of us spoonies are living our own little horror stories and are stuck in bed needing some distractions.

I came across this twitter thread from @STOPFLEXIN and it scared me more than Cybermen. I took a minute and deconstructed it so that any of you chronic illness writers can take a minute and write your own terrifying Halloween flash fiction (or hey make it a novel I won’t stop you).

Read Original Twitter Story

How to terrify

Act I the set up

Give the backstory with a terrifying detail that will be innocuous but will come back in Act 3 to give the story validity. She was a witch-not a nice one-she drowned.

Does this GIF help? No, no it does not. Do I have an unhealthy fixation with all things Buffy? Why yes, yes I do. Thank you for asking.

Act II Everything is fine? Why worry? What this Ouija Board is a ty.

Set up a normal scene with a level of innocent mischief we can all see ourselves doing in a scene we can see ourselves in. home alone-find Ouija board

Act II part II scare the life out of them but slowly Mwa Ha Ha

The horror should only be terrifying because it should be not because it is- All the lights go off-A knocking that won't stop-A face in the window-A figure in the backyard-Do not forget details from the protagonist. Heart-breath-belly-nerves. If you have never been traumatized think in terms of EVERY sense being at super human levels. Remember fear is a super power,

Act III Resolution with a question

It should be almost explainable but should push the envelope almost off the table of credibility.

Police (authority lends credibility) or parents come back to find nothing amiss (no break ins but a window on the third floor with no trees or ladders is wide open but WHO could possibly get in that way) but the hall is full of water. Not the bathroom but the hall outside of the protagonists bedroom. Remember drowned witch in act 1?

Th Breakdown Cheatsheet I don’t have time for your geeky GIFS and paragraphs.

I hear you my fellow ADHD spoonies I too have the attention span of a gnat with a substance abuse problem. I have you covered:

Act I what should I be scared of and what detail will I have to believe in the end

Act II set up the scene to scare Me. Where is the victim? What are they experiencing that would normally not be scary?

Act III Aftermath. The scene when it is safe? Unload the detail from Act 1 that a credible source finds and make me believe.

Alright then you have it. Plug and play turn it up or turn it down depending on your audience.

Put your flash story or story idea in the comments and join me at NaNoWriMo for team We Can’t Leave the Bed so We Might As Well Write. Ok it needs work but join me anyways. Find me at Cabagges+kings. Friend me I get lonely.

Disappointing people & Chronic Illness A blatant call for ear scratches & tummy rubs

Disappointing people

& Chronic Illness

A blatant call for ear scratches

& tummy rubs

Books For The Bedbound Spoonie: A Chronic Illness Bog

What are your favorite books? Comment or tweet #booksinbed @invisiblenotbrk


If you can’t stand the idea of trying to find another Netflix series (trust me you can get to the bottom of a Netflix que) lets try going old school.

quote on a reader lives a thousand lives

Lets be fair if you have been in bed long enough to watch EVERYTHING worth watching or you are already looking longingly at your bookshelf or kindle I am going to give you my favorite lives (books) to live when you can’t get out of bed. 

Kelly Link literally anything

Samantha Hunt Mr. Splitfoot

Anything by Christine Henry (Lost Boy Might be a favorite.)

Harry Potter yes, read it again. 

A Wrinkle in Time

All These Wonders


Mists of Avalon

To Kill A Kingdom  

Children of Blood and Bone

Know a sick person who would enjoy? Share us!

Best Chronic Illness Amazon Purchase?

What are your best Chronic Illness Amazon Purchase?

Tweet and/or comment below and give us some ideas!


My World Got Small and Fuzzy Again: An Invisible Illness Blog


Yup back in bed. I had three great days. I to to walk, drive, and even feel a little bit normal. This might be one of the most frustrating things about Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is how changeable it is. You can even start to visualize your life without it s you get an hour or few days reprieve. On good days I try to see that as a wonderful thing. At least I got a few days but then there are days like this. Every move I am making has a loud crack. I sit up and my rib pops further. I tried to put on a bra and now my left arm is hanging out of its’ socket. I had to ask someone to grab my youngest and keep her until I could keep myself together (pun intended).

Sorry this is not one of my everything will be all right posts. This is a day full of questions like: Should I go to the hospital? How much color change? Is it smurf blue or has it gone full walking dead zombie grey? The big question, is an emergency? Like I’m willing to risk getting on a pain medication list or I’m willing to pay 2k for the chance of help emergency.

Will I be able to afford the ER? So this is my real life right now and the only things holding me together are my friends and cousin texting because they know I can’t talk on the phone, opioid pain killers (yes they are necessary for mass dislocations), Watching UnReal for the second time on HULU, and of course my pug. I forgot my friend and cohost Kyros who got me a Keypad that only requires me to move my fingers so wish me luck on less typos!

Update: Due to massive tibia and femur dislocations I am now full time on wheels. Watch your toes!

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My Ehlers Danlos & POTS Have Conspired to Make My Day A Spoonie Rollar Coaster

Life is unpredictable and nothing will make that clearer than having a chronic illness.

Having Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and POTS adds a special something to the curse May you Live In Interesting Times.

This morning I was supposed to go to the Scottish Games with some dear friends. I have been looking forward to this ALL week and even tried to rest to get some extra spoons. This NEVER works BTW. My spoons have a magic way of appearing and disappearing by magic. I also have many small critters in my life that throw the rest for events into chaos.

Case in point, resting and our lovely outdoor cat came home rushing through the house meowing at the top of his lungs. NOT something he ever does. 2k and a midnight emergency vet run later and he is happily hiding in my room.

So today started out chaotic trying to pick up cat before we were charged more, Getting dressed and ready for Scottish games, get kids ready, almost out the door with my wheelchair when I remembered the chickens hadn't been fed. So back up to the girls and then I was done. I mean asleep on the chair I keep up there just for these events. No Scottish Games.

Alright fine. I'll go to Rockridge Market Hall and Flower and the B and get the meat and veggies for the week. Using my sticks and my POTS goes into overdrive. I had managed to dislocate my rib and thumb getting out of the car. 



So back at home and after an afternoon of reading Lev Grossman's The Magicians and researching boarding schools to prepare for NaNoWriMo I decide I am well enough to make some pantry staples. I might have gotten a bit optimistic but we now have: sugar cookie dough in freezer, candied almond slivers in a rosemary sea salt glaze, butter pears marinating in a ginger rosemary simple syrup I made, and the marzipan I made was just getting to the end of its' lifespan so I rolled it out put the berry caramel I made ages ago on it layered pink opalescent apples and topped it with candied almonds and honey. Just as I finished my mom called asking if we wanted to come over for dinner later and now I already made dessert. Now I'm back in bed at zero gravity setting about to fall into a youtube rabbit hole.

So that is my day: I'm going to fall over and die nope I'm doing great nevermind this is the end. 

Motivation Monday Quote Chronic Illness Edition: She May Be Mad But She Is Magic Charles Bukowski Quote Double Exposure

Motivation Monday Quote Chronic Illness Edition: She May Be Mad But She Is Magic Charles Bukowski Quote Double Exposure

I have my own personal reasons for loving this quote…saying it to my husband when I have been particularly off….

This black and white double exposure photo was taken a long time ago for a photoshoot I did with model Elisa Dawn. She has been a very special model and friend to me who has seen me through most of this chronic illness journey.

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What’s your favorite distraction from Chronic Pain? A Chronic Illness Blog

What’s your favorite distraction from Chronic Pain? A Chronic Illness Blog

I am a big fan of art. I use Procreate, worst app name ever and the BEST art app. I have tried them all so you don’t have to.. When I stop drawing you know something is up. I know Kyros is a big fan of coloring. I also discovered Libby. It is a library app where you can check out library books digitally and they return themselves. No more late fines! I also have an amazing excuse to research for my other podcast I Can’t Believe That Happened (podcast for kids and curious adults about history). Today I am researching Annie Oakley. Next I am researching Faberge eggs for the YA fantasy novel I’m writing and might as well put it into the podcast.

Speak of podcasts I have two new favorites: Fictional and LaVar Burton Reads.

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Pugs, Runaway Ribs, and the Ehlers Danlos Life

Nope, not ok rib you are out of order out of line fall back you are not special: and other ways I try to bully my bones into relocating themselves. The pug has nothing to do with this besides being ridiculously cute.


Netflix Show For Mental Health Or To Watch During A Chronic Illness Flare

Netflix Show For Mental Health Or To Watch During A Chronic Illness Flare

In the middle of a fibro flare? POTS attack? General nope not leaving covers mental health spoonie I’m done day? This is my curated chronic illness what to watch Netflix list. After you subscribe to our newsletter comment with your own favorite go to Netflix movies and tweet out or Facebook share the post to find out what are your friends favorites.

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The Creative Life Podcast Interviews Chronic Illness Podcaster Monica Michelle: The Tables Are Turned

The Creative Life Podcast Interviews Chronic Illness Podcaster Monica Michelle: The Tables Are Turned

Looking for a new inspiring creative podcast? Might I recommend The Creative Life? I mean I was just interviewed and here it is but wow all of her episodes are wonderful. 

to listen to my interview head over to via @joannapieters and hit subscribe.

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Some Biace del Rio Drag Queen Shade Quote

You shady Bitch