Damnation pussy kittens {Invisible Illness}

I launched my invisible illness podcast last week! Me! Miss nontechnical figured it out with much youtube and friend help. It has been an amazing few days of so much love and reaching out from friends and family.

This morning I got a call from one of my favorite humans that I am lucky enough to be related to. I also do not get to speak to her nearly enough. After listening to the first podcast she kindly avoided asking  "How are you?" and asked, "What's new?" If you have not heard the first podcast please do. This is the best switch of questions for talking to people who are in chronic pain and/or have an invisible illness.

Then she said, "Damnation pussy kittens." Ok....I need some context. "That was your grandmother's favorite swear word." If there is a better way to start a Friday morning I can't think what it is. The pussy kittens, by the way, was to soften the damnation.

Oh, I miss her so much and hopefully, she will forgive her swears like a sailor granddaughter. Thank you, Susie!

Tune in this week for my interview with a college student who has Fibromyalgia and Anxiety.

Until next time: Be kind. Be gentle. Be a badass. (sorry grandma!)