F That Friday (A Chronical Illness Got in The Way)

I just say a chronic illness meme that said: "I'm not unreliable, my chronic illness is." Did that come at the right time! I have always been reliable. I can count on my hands the number of times I was late for college classes. 

Tomorrow I was supposed to have a book signing at the newest Bay Area independent bookstore, Books on B. I had worked very hard on my children's book and I couldn't wait to have my first signing and then my body decided I would not be an author that day but a piece of improv modern art sculpture. If I was mean I would put up pictures.

Normally I can figure it out. I can smile with the best of them and I can usually go with mind over matter. I stepped down and it was a loud shriek. The pug was confused. The dire wolf pup dove for cover. It might be one of the first times my mind was not as strong as my disorder. If you haven't heard my podcast, go, do, I'll wait. You might not know that I regularly dislocate while talking. It was a big shock to not be able to talk myself out of this or even be able to stand or walk to the kitchen.

So today is a massive FUCK that Friday. I will have to put off the signing until I can get myself back to a space where I can try to sit for a few hours. Yup physical training will need to be done to sign books! If you would like to make my day brighter or you can't wait for my body to agree to a book signing you can still buy my book at Books on B or if you are too far away it can be ordered on Amazon.

A huge thanks to Renee for being the most caring person ever and if you ever in a situation where your body has hijacked your plans remember- You are not unreliable, your body is.