Am I Sick Enough For You Now?

These three pictures are pretty representative on how I look on any given day depending on SPOON LEVEL if the kids were fighting, and how many dislocations that day I have had (yup all about it EDS)

Depending on which of these images I look like I am either rushed to the nearest seat or glared at for parking in the handicap spot (oh yes I have a handicap plate)

The first picture is me no make up back in bed with a POTS attack and 3 dislocations (sympathy level pretty low since I can stoic with the best of them. Center is me in a wheelchair and yes I get so much rushing help and care. The last one is generally how I look on good days though that can turn quickly with heat or a wrong step. 

So the point of this. The point is you do not know how sick someone is by looking. So be very kind. Try to be gentle. And always be a bad ass.